Shams Calmful Botanic

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+222 Point
+222 Point

Shams is a renewal of Shelby, which represented the half-Brazilian style of ALEXIA STAM.
The three-dimensional design with shirring on all sides and the elongated side ribbons give a lovely impression.

The ribbon has a strong presence that draws the eye upward, and the cut makes the hips look higher.
It can be worn reversible.

The botanical pattern expresses the power of nature, a soft breeze and a sense of calm.
We recommend you match it with black or brown color pieces.

Available in 11 colors and 3 sizes
Model’s size: M

Illustration by Michiko Yamanaka
Made in Japan

All ALEXIA STAM’s bikinis are made from the finest quality fabrics and are made in Japan.
The shapes are calculated to dress the female body beautifully and are designed with a 360 degrees playfulness and fit.

Our swimwear is sold separately so that you can mix and match your favorite designs and sizes.
The colors of the detailed image of the product is closer to the actual color of the product than the pictures of the model dressed.

Size Details

The item shown are the Bottoms only

S size
Top: A,B,C cup
Under: 56-70cm
Waist: 56-68cm
Hip: 78-88cm

M size
Top: C,D,E cup
Under: 60-74cm
Waist: 59-71cm
Hip: 81-91cm

L size
Top: E,F,G cup
Under: 64-78cm
Waist: 65-77cm
Hip: 83-93cm

The paddings in all swimsuits are included and it is removable.

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