Side Ribbon Tote Bag Ivory

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A tote bag with side ribbon accents.
Small size perfect for short outings.

This item is made of canvas fabric with an attractive natural texture, and is made of firm and durable fabric that is easy to use every day.
The magnetic hook makes it easy to open and close, and the functionality of the 3 pockets on the inside is also great.
It is a must-have item that is easy to incorporate into your coordination and can be used in a variety of situations.

*The image of the model wearing it is for illustration purposes only, and the color may differ from the actual product. The color of the product details image is closer to the actual product.

1 color available/Size: F

*Dimensions are when placed horizontally.

Height: 21cm
Top width: 19cm
Bottom width: 23cm
Top gusset: 21cm
Bottom gusset: 13cm
Handle length: 29.5cm
Weight: Approx. 280g

100% cotton

Please read the precautions on the product tag and handle it correctly.

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