Eco-Friendly Bag Beige

¥3,850 (税込)


+117 Point

A simple eco bag set with the brand name.

Large and small sets of different sizes so that they can be used in various scenes.
It is compact and easy to carry, and it’s easy to keep it on hand.
The soft matte texture is also a fashionable point.
When unfolded, it has a Marche shape that makes it easy to put your luggage in.

*The model wearing image may look different from the actual product color.
The detailed image of the product will be closer to the actual product color.

S size
When folded: 10.5 cm long, 9 cm wide
When using: Handle height 17.5 cm, length 24 cm, width 24 cm

M size
When folded: 13.5 cm long, 11.5 cm wide
When using: Handle height 23.5 cm, length 39 cm, width 33 cm

100% polyester

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