Jemma Cherry

¥9,000 (+tax)

+273 Point
+273 Point

Jemma featuring two waistlines and a high leg cut. It is a 70’s pattern with a cute cherry on the cotton color. The minimal high leg design, which is already popular overseas, has been finished into a cut that is easier to wear. Although it is the smallest design in ALEXIA STAM, it is a recommended piece for those who want to enjoy the latest bikini, which is rarely seen in Japan. With a wide variety of colors, you can easily coordinate with your bikini.

All ALEXIA STAM bikinis use fine textured fine fabrics and are particular about sewing in Japan. Try the shape, 360-degree playful design, and fit that make women’s body look beautiful.

*ALEXIA STAM swimwear is sold separately so that you can freely combine your favorite designs and sizes.
*The model wearing image may look different from the actual product color for the image. The detailed image of the product will be closer to the actual product color.
*Do not allow the quality indication sticker on the lining of the product to get wet.
*Avoid the water slider as it will damage the fabric due to friction when sliding.
*The surface fabric will be a color closer to ivory than white.

10 colors and 3 sizes available
Model wears: S size

Illustration by Michiko Yamanaka
Made in Japan

Printed area: 82% polyester, 18% polyurethane
Plain area: 92% polyester, 8% polyurethane



リバーシブル: 不可

The item shown are the Bottoms only

S size
Top: A,B,C cup
Under: 62-75cm
Waist: 56-70cm
Hip: 84-90cm

M size
Top: C,D,E cup
Under: 65-78cm
Waist: 65-75cm
Hip: 90-96cm

L size
Top: E,F,G cup
Under: 72-80cm
Waist: 70-82cm
Hip: 93-100cm

The paddings in all swimsuits are included and it is removable.

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